Marian Meets Voters Where They Are: Delaware Highlands Conservancy

November 6, 2022
Friends of Marian Keegan

Marian joined the DHC Board, members, conservation easement holders, environmentalists, and Michael Cann, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry Emeritus, University of Scranton, and Delaware Highlands Conservancy Director, for the presentation “Environmental Sustainability and the Delaware Highlands Conservancy" at The Boiler Room in the Silk Mill. Marian has protected the environment in her personal life and professional career and will always be an ally of Conservation champions.

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Keegan Campaigns for Our Freedom

September 30, 2022
Letter to Editor

Dear Editor,

We all are distressed by deeply contentious divisions between our major political parties. Tragically, the divisions have caused distrust between individuals and gridlock in government. When elected to be your state representative, I will defend our state and federal constitutions because they define and protect our freedom.

We Americans are free to choose our own paths and choose our leaders. Different people make different choices. When our choice is wrong, we ought to make amends and find a different path forward. Then, we learn to make good decisions and become mature citizens.

Faith is a powerful force. Each American rightfully chooses the facets of our faith. Our beliefs are not uniform. Most certainly, we are protected by our constitutional freedom.

Included in this freedom, I believe, is the right for a woman to have control over her own body. She ought to decide whether or not to have a baby. Stigmas that ensnare a woman around this choice – single woman, working mom – further add to her burden. These stresses cripple her success both outside the home and within marriage. Importantly, most people believe in a woman’s right to make decisions about contraception, pregnancy, abortion, or adoption with the love and support of her community.

Individuals and families need economic, political, and social systems to thrive. Government that supports the wellbeing of all pays off for everyone. For example, public schools have been with us for a very long time. More recently, assistance with housing, food, income, and healthcare have sustained families during difficulty. Government that strips away these systems would not be working for people.

I am running for state representative as an independent write-in candidate who is not bound to partisan politics. I run as an independently minded leader who will bring sensible, evidence-based government that protects our freedom. When elected to represent ALL people of PA House District 139, I will strive to balance the peoples’ views on budget votes, policy decisions, and legislative bills. Always, I will apply my conscience and intellect to serve you.

Visit for more information.

Marian Keegan Lackawaxen Township resident Write-in candidate for Representative to the PA General Assembly 139th District 570-903-9776

Marian's Women's Freedom Speech

Marian Keegan's speech following reversal of Roe vs Wade

Roe speech by Marian Keegan, May 14, 2022, Pike County Courthouse, Milford PA

This will be short and sweet.

I’m really angry that this battle for our right has to be fought again! For 50 year’s, the precedent has been set and we’ve been protected. Now, these 5 justices want to expose us to harm and disenfranchise us.

But fight we will because abortions must be safe and legal. Even though we may pass the torch to a younger generation, we will still be right there with you in the fight. We will not be turned out into the streets and alleys, again, to get our medical care. We are fully fledged citizens and demand our right to make decisions about our lives and our healthcare for ourselves.

Whether the decision is to end the pregnancy or have a baby, we need help from our partners, family friends, and elected officials to protect and guarantee this right.

Time to move past the controversy and give women the respect, love and support – no matter our decision.

NASA in NEPA? Space industry reps will network with regional businesses

August 14, 2022
Pike County Courier

NASA Industry Day and Small Business Networking Day will include national and local speakers and networking involving the space industry and regional businesses on Friday, September 23, at the University of Scranton.

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Press Release, September 7, 2022
Marian Keegan

Real leadership is about uniting people, not dividing them, to get us moving forward. Twenty-one years ago on September 11, our nation was attacked on its own soil. As Americans, we united to persevere and become even stronger. Today, I feel our nation has been weakened. Not by a foreign people bent on our destruction, but from radical deviant leadership and misguided media that create chaos. Chaos is the enemy of progress. Weak leaders take us away from our strengths. We need elected officials who work to resolve crises so our communities can thrive – not those who enjoy chaos. Party bickering and extremist politics have divided us to the brink of breaking which is something an attack on our own soil could not do. We need a prepared, experienced, stable leader who shares our community’s values of honesty and integrity so we can all get back to building a better future for our families.

What happened to our belief in democracy? Our belief in a united country because “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” When our first responders rushed into burning buildings, they did not stop to ask who was a Republican and who was a Democrat. When our first reaction is to listen, not to ridicule or attack because it came from the “other side”, we will rediscover that we agree on more than we disagree. It’s time government works again for the people, ALL people. Some politicians and even armed protestors at state capitols want to divide us, but people don’t want to play partisan games. We need leaders who bring us together. I will listen to the facts and science and will work with anyone regardless of party to lower health care costs, keep us safe and healthy, and build an economy for everyone, not just CEOs and insiders.

Let us also remember that Labor Day celebrates our workers. Our communities are full of good people doing the best they can, and we need policies that reward that. Americans embrace risk and change—but we’re not fools. We will go into burning buildings if we need to but would rather find ways to prevent the fire in the first place.

On this year’s solemn day of 9/11, let us again unite and recognize this country was built on shared values. Getting things done is more important than whose idea it is. Say NO to divisive politics. Say NO to party bickering. Say YES to sensible government. We are smart, tough, and strong. We need our local values reflected in our state capital.

I am running for state representative as a write-in candidate who is not tied to partisan politics. I run as an independently minded leader to bring sensible government, not party bickering or divisive politics. When elected to represent ALL people of PA House District 139, I will vote for what makes sense for the greatest number of people in the district.

Visit for more information.

Repeal Closed Primaries in PA

Letters to the editor Pocono Record, September 3, 2022
Marian Keegan

Half of all veterans identify as political independents, and voters increasingly register as unaffiliated with any party. Only voters who register with a party - usually Republican or Democratic - are allowed to vote in a primary election according to the Pennsylvania Election Code. How can we justify to veterans and unaffiliated voters that they have no voice in primary elections? If we ask everyone to support and our veterans to defend this country, then we must give everyone the right to vote in each election! Therefore, we must repeal closed primaries.

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Women's Equality Day

August 26, 2022
Marian Keegan

On this day, we also honor the women who fought before us, thank the hard-working women who continue the struggle, and demand that our elected representatives:

  • Pass voting rights legislation
  • Add the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution
  • Restore reproductive freedoms to women and those who can become pregnant

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Lift all people to their full potential

Letters to the editor River Reporter and Pike County Dispatch, August 4, 2022
Marian Keegan

July is Disability Pride Month. It celebrates the 1990 passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and renews our awareness and commitment to including all people in our community.

People with disabilities are especially vulnerable to being left behind. The ADA was passed to remedy and empower those with physical and mental challenges to overcome.

Since the passage of the ADA, evidence of the empowerment of everyone to understand and act with empathy is everywhere, such as parking lots, building entrances, bathrooms, crisis hotlines, outdoor trails and spaces, educational accommodations and public services.

This summer, I joined volunteers to help Pike Autism Support Services with an “I Can Ride” bike camp at Delaware Valley School District, and was inspired by the riders and educators who staffed the camp. Everyone needs a helping hand at some time.

Inclusion isn’t only about the disabled. We search for racial justice with prison reform and access to voting. Women’s reproductive health care has been threatened and is a human right and freedom that must be protected. Veterans who have fought to protect our freedoms deserve our help during and after their service. Climate change is real, and it affects communities and creates refugees with heat waves, floods and severe storms. Transitioning to clean energy is a major infrastructure change, but certainly vital to preserving our quality of life.

We want sensible government, not divisive politics. The 1990 ADA act is complicated and filing an ADA complaint is never easy. I will always be accessible, helpful and an advocate for people with disabilities and our elderly. More and more people with disabilities are voting.

If you elect me as your state representative, I will work hard to get things done for all people in the 139th PA House District.

Marian Keegan, write-in candidate for District 139 representative to the PA Assembly Lackawaxen Township, PA

Climate Action Now (#GreenPAForAll)

August 1, 2022
Marian Keegan

30 environmental organizations gathered in the state capitol rotunda in Harrisburg, and Marian was there! They created A Shared Vision for Pennsylvania’s Environment and Communities. They are committed to meet the climate crisis together and call for candidates to use this as a guide in policymaking. Marian will answer this call because climate change is a crisis that takes everyone working together to solve. Click "Continue reading >>" to download the guide.

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Wayne Town Hall Meeting

July 31, 2022
Marian Keegan

Hosted by Action Together NEPA and Physicians for Social Responsibility.

Click to continue reading the panelists responses to Marian's questions during the Town Hall Meeting.

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Fracking Bills Jeopardizes Our Drinking Water and Wastes Taxpayer Money

June 2022 in Letter to Editor
Marian Keegan

Fracking Bills Jeopardizes our Drinking Water and Wastes Taxpayer Money

The Delaware River is a gem for our region that provides pristine waters, clean and abundant drinking water, beauty, an abundance of recreational opportunities, and intact forested river corridors. The river deserves our most diligent protection, especially because the quality of our waters is exceptional which is increasingly rare. Unfortunately, the Pennsylvania General Assembly recently accepted for consideration a pair of bills that fails to protect our water.

House Bill 2450 proposes to radically change the structure of the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) by allocating an unequal number of votes to the members of this intergovernmental compact based on land acreage in the watershed.

Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and the Federal government formed the DRBC compact in 1961 as equal partners. Each member has one vote with equal interest in protecting and controlling the water quality and quantity in the basin without regard for political boundaries. One state, one vote reflects our country’s long-standing principle of one person, one vote. No single person holds greater voting power because of the number of acres he or she owns. HB 2450 violates this one person, one vote principle, and skews asunder the agreement that forms the basis of the ground-breaking and successful intergovernmental DRBC compact.

House Bill 2451 carves out a special exception only for hydraulic fracking, specifically without placing special restrictions on the impacts to people and our environmental resources. The bill proposes the special exception for fracking “provided that the rules and regulations do not impede or interfere with the operation or control of projects, structures or facilities constructed or used in connection with hydraulic fracturing.” This special exception is a corruption of the legislative process. The House introduced these bills in March and the House Appropriations Committee determined that neither bills would “impact Commonwealth funds” and that the change to the DRBC is without effect until the other members of the compact enacted identical legislation. The House then referred the bills to the Senate Committee on Environmental Resources and Energy in April.

HB 2450 and HB 2451 waste our taxpayer money because the other DRBC members have not indicated a willingness to change the compact. Additionally, these changes would most certainly cost us money and impair our waters. We deserve representation that protects our clean drinking water and the Delaware River.

Marian Keegan Lackawaxen Township

Comments to Warehouse Development Proposal

June 13, 2022: Meeting at Milford Water Authority
Marian Keegan

Good afternoon.

I attended the June 13th meeting of the MWA and submit the following comments to LVL Engineering regarding their proposed plan for a transportation warehouse distribution facility.

1) The frequency and intensity of 50-year and 100-year storms are increasing. However, LVL has limited their plan for capturing and treating stormwater runoff to 10-year storms. What are the comprehensive effects of these 50- and a 100-year storms?

2) How will snow removal, storage and disposal occur on the facility?

3) The developer and LVL Engineering described existing steep slopes on the 44 acres. They displayed a 1935 aerial photograph that showed a quarry, and stated that the steep slopes were created from the 1935 quarry activities. The developer’s proposed distribution facility overlays this past quarry site. Will the new facility cut into the steep slopes and level the site? If so, this will cut into the unconfined aquifer in Zone 2 of the MWA Source Water Protection Plan. Cutting into the unconfined aquifer removes this portion of the unconfined aquifer from functioning as a water filter, groundwater storage and groundwater flow pathway. How much will this removal increase pollution, decrease drinking water storage capacity, and increase stormwater flow to the spring and Sawkill Creek and tributaries? What percentage of the unconfined aquifer in Zone 2 above the spring that regulates and purifies Milford drinking water will be removed by leveling the steep slopes on the proposed site?

4) The stormwater plan proposes to capture and treat the surface runoff by carving out underground soil for detention basins, raingardens, and storage tanks. Carving out an removing this underground soil will cut into the unconfined aquifer in Zone 2 of the MWA Source Water Protection Plan. Cutting into the unconfined aquifer removes this portion of the unconfined aquifer from functioning as a water filter, groundwater storage and groundwater flow pathway. What percentage of the unconfined aquifer in Zone 2 above the spring that regulates and purifies Milford drinking water will be removed by building these stormwater facilities for the proposed development? How much will these underground facilities that remove the unconfined aquifer increase pollution, decrease drinking water storage capacity, and increase stormwater flow to the spring and Sawkill Creek and tributaries?

I request that these questions be answered by the developers to protect the source of the Milford drinking water.

Thank you.

Marian Keegan Resident of Pike County and frequent visitor to Milford, PA

Caring for Our Trees

May 2022: Article published in Lackawanna Connection
Marian Keegan

Let’s Work Together to Conserve and Care for Our Trees By Marian Keegan, Registered Forester, ISA Certified Arborist

We love to live in beautiful Lackawaxen Township because of our forests and waters. Trees are an important part of both. Without our trees, there would be no forests. Without the forests, our waters would be polluted. In fact, a tree is a PA DEP approved “Best Management Practice” to control stormwater because each tree captures and holds hundreds or thousands of gallons of rainwater each year.

Our forests grow many types of trees – oaks, maples, sassafras, birches, pines and hemlocks. Forests are characterized by the trees growing in the forests, and all types of forests are important. March 21, 2022 is International Day of Forests and gives us reason to celebrate and be thankful for the bounty provided by forests. This year’s theme is “Forests and sustainable production and consumption.” Foresters have learned how to protect the environment and provide a sustainable production of goods from the woods. It’s up to us, the consumers, not to waste the bounty that nature gives us.

So, it’s important to take care of our trees. Learning how trees grow and “heal” from injury or attack by insects and diseases is also a specialized field of study. Trees form new wood after each injury to “wall-off” decaying parts. Healthy trees more easily form new wood than stressed trees. That’s why when a tree falls down or is cut, decayed parts inside the tree may be visible. Trees can live for a long time when the wood that transports water and nutrients between leaves and roots and that forms new wood stays healthy.

Trees hold value. They are integral to aesthetics and beauty. Trees provide human health benefits by reducing stress and promoting healing. “Forest bathing” or walking in the woods has immune-boosting powers. Trees offer wildlife habitat and provide food, shelter, and nesting sites. Wild plants that depend on intact forests, such as mushrooms and ginseng, are a source of healthy, human food. Trees prevent soil erosion and reduce stormwater control costs to municipalities. Should you harvest and sell trees on your property for a source of income, trees are considered “real property” unless you transport the cut tree to a mill when it is considered “personal property.” Real property is sold and taxed differently than personal property. Managing your forests should be done with the help of a professional so all the values of a forest are properly stewarded.

Most property owners own less than one to several acres. However, together, the trees on our properties create larger forests. The trees around our homes get most of our attention and we just want them to grow and be healthy, so they continue to give us pleasure, provide habitat for the wildlife that scamper around, shade us during the summer and block the wind during the winter. But, do you know how to care for the trees on your property? Trees should not be considered “trash” or “disposable” property or to be used according to our whims.

Pounding things into live trees unnecessarily injures the wood of the tree that transports water and nutrients and grows new wood. When a tree is injured this way, energy is immediately diverted from normal healthy processes to processes that “walls off” the injury and boosts immunity to fend off invading insects and diseases that get into the holes. This causes the tree to be stressed. We know that stress compounds and leads to degradation of health. I’ve seen too many trees with things pounded into them that have died after a few years.

Additionally, the process of “walling off” the injury means that the tree will form new wood around objects pounded into trees. Too many tree cutters have been seriously or fatally injured when their chainsaw “kicked-back” into their bodies when an unseen object was “buried” in the wood.

Your trees are vital to our rural areas and need our stewardship and protection. We can protect our environment and have sustainable economies. Want to learn more about protecting and caring for your trees? Visit or contact a professional forester or certified arborist. Penn State Extension, the Pike County Conservation District, and the Service Forester at DCNR Bureau of Forestry also offer free resources.

Marian Keegan is a forester and arborist. She lives in Lackawaxen Township.

April 2022: Marian Keegan press release
Marian Keegan


Paid by Friends of Marian Keegan Contact Marian Keegan
PO Box 306 570-903-9776 Rowland PA 18457


LACKAWAXEN TOWNSHIP, PENNSYLVANIA, April 13, 2022 – Marian Keegan has announced her candidacy for Representative in the General Assembly, District 139 for the people in Pike and Wayne Counties. A graduate of Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment and practicing forester and scientist for over 30 years, Keegan has a history of protecting the environment and delivering practical solutions to complex environmental and social issues in our rural Pennsylvania.

For example, Marian ran for this seat in 2020 on the promise of banning fracking in the Delaware River watershed because clean water is vital to our communities. In 2021, the Delaware River Basin Commission officially banned fracking in the watershed. Marian’s commitment is a clear indication that she delivers.

Marian enjoys her time in the woods and sharing her knowledge of nature and our planet to make lives better. As your State Representative, Marian will offer useful constituent services for people, businesses, conservation, and agriculture. She will navigate state budgets to secure needed healthcare facilities; lower costs of medicine and insurance; funding for transportation, water and sewage, and broadband infrastructure; school programs; property tax relief; and prepare us for a warming climate. Marian believes that a new National Park and Wild and Scenic River in the district will position local governments and businesses for sustainable growth and value.

A hallmark of her life’s work has been meeting people where they are to create the future that works for everyone. Marian believes that government should put people first, and that reasonable, sincere leaders who are measured, transparent and accountable are needed to deliver on promises. She is that leader.

Marian has established an equal and inclusive campaign that will work hard to represent everyone in the district. During the recent PA Supreme Court ordered shortened time to collect nominating signatures to be placed on the primary ballot, Marian’s team of volunteers gathered signatures from registered democrats in all but one municipality in the district to place her on the ballot. To remove Marian out-of-hand from the ballot, unfounded objections to the signatures spurred Marian to defend against the effort that disenfranchised valid signatories and potential voters in the upcoming Primary Elections in May showing a clear indication that all voices matter. This was an important reminder that no one will be left behind.

Municipalities in the newly formed District 139 are Hawley Borough, Palmyra Township, Dreher Township, Lehigh Township, Sterling Township, Salem Township, Paupack Township, Lake Township, Cherry Ridge Township, and South Canaan Township in Wayne County and Westfall Township, Matamoras Borough, Milford Township, Milford Borough, Dingman Township, Blooming Grove Township, Shohola Township, Lackawaxen Township, Palmyra Township, and Greene Township in Pike County.

The primary election is May 17th and mail-in ballots will likely be mailed beginning the week of April 18th. Residents have until May 2nd to register to vote or change party affiliations. Marian’s name is listed second on the ballot under Representative in the General Assembly.

The bottom line? Marian Keegan is the experienced and better candidate.

For more information about Marian Keegan’s candidacy, please contact Marian Keegan at 570-903-9776 or email

To make a contribution to the Friends of Marian Keegan campaign, visit or


🥩 Now accepting applications for the #PAFarmBill Very Small Meat and Poultry Processor Reimbursement Grant Program! This program provides grants of up to $100,000 to help small businesses start up or expand to meet USDA food safety requirements.

The program reimburses processors for consulting or technical services to draft and implement a federal Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Plan to ensure a facility can become USDA-certified and produce meat or poultry safely. Eligible costs also include processing equipment and supplies required for certification, as well as employee training, safety equipment, and supplies.

👩‍🌾 More info ➡️

👨‍🌾 APPLY NOW ➡️

The PA GI Bill Provides Military Families with Higher Education

The PA GI Bill, also known as the Military Family Education Program (MFEP), allows members of the Pennsylvania National Guard (PNG) to earn college benefits for their spouse and children. The PA GI Bill was the first program of its kind in the nation when he signed it into law on July 1, 2019 and now has more than 3,300 dependents of Pennsylvania Army and Air Guard members enrolled for the opportunity to receive free or low-cost higher education.

The PA National Guard is one of the largest, hardest working national guards in the nation. Whether it is foreign or domestic - peacekeeping missions or a pandemic - these dedicated service members never fail when it comes to serving our commonwealth and this nation. The backbone of the Pennsylvania National Guard is their families. It was imperative that Pennsylvania reward these soldiers and airmen by securing the future of their spouses and children, adding to a better quality of life for everyone."

The PA GI Bill is a program that provides an education benefit that National Guard members can earn to transfer to their spouse or children if the service member reenlists for an additional six years of service.

The program provides for 10 semesters of no or reduced cost education for family member(s). The benefit must be used at a Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) approved educational institution, and at the tuition rate set by the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE).


High temperatures kill hundreds of people every year. Heat-related deaths and illness are preventable, yet more than 700 people die from extreme heat every year in the United States.

Take measures to stay cool, stay hydrated, and stay informed. Getting too hot can make you sick.

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DCNR is partnering again with the Pennsylvania Department of Health to help expand access to the COVID-19 vaccine at three Pennsylvania state parks this summer.

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Pike County Offering Cooling Centers to Beat the Heat

RadioROLD Podcasts

The Pike County Area Agency on Aging is offering the public places to cool down as temperatures are on the rise. Yesterday they announced that Pike County Senior Centers will be open to members of the community to use as Cooling Centers.

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Constitutional Abortion Amendment Advances in Pennsylvania

July 8, 2022
Associated Press

Republican state senators are advancing a proposal to add language to the Pennsylvania Constitution stating explicitly that the document does not guarantee any rights relating to abortion or public funding of abortions.

Please contact Senator Lisa Baker and urge her to vote NO on this State constitutional amendment concerning abortion.

Senator Baker Contact Form

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PA Unites Against COVID

If you tested positive for COVID, act fast to find your treatment options. Medicines are now authorized for most patients who test positive for COVID-19. Act fast, even if your symptoms are mild - most treatments must start within 5 days of initially feeling sick. Click the graphic to learn more about COVID-19 treatments and where to get care or Call the PA Department of Health at 1-877-724-3258.


Find My Ride (PA Transit Options)

June 13, 2022
PennDot and PA DHS

Harrisburg, PA – Officials from the Pennsylvania departments of Transportation (PennDOT) and Human Services (DHS) urge Pennsylvanians to use Find My Ride (FMR) to learn about public transit options and apply for transportation assistance programs. The participants underscored transit's critical role in getting people to work and medical appointments while connecting them to their communities.

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Substance Use Disorder Prevention and Education Tool for Construction Industry

June 13, 2022

The Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP) and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) joined the Associated Pennsylvania Constructors (APC) to discuss substance use disorder (SUD) in the construction industry, highlight the importance of education and prevention for employees in this field, and to remind them of available safety resources.

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Fracking bills jeopardize drinking water and waste taxpayer money

June 13, 2022
Marian Keegan in Pike County Courier

The Delaware River is a gem for our region that provides pristine waters, clean and abundant drinking water, beauty, an abundance of recreational opportunities, and intact forested river corridors. The river deserves our most diligent protection, especially because the quality of our waters is exceptional which is increasingly rare. Unfortunately, the Pennsylvania General Assembly recently accepted for consideration a pair of bills that fails to protect our water.

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Protecting Pets

A reminder that there exists PA laws to protect dogs and cats left in hot cars.

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‘If not now, when?’ Advocates for those living with intellectual, developmental disabilities rally at the Capitol

MAY 24, 2022
JOHN L. MICEK, Pennsylvania Capital-Star

People who live with intellectual and developmental disabilities deserve the same shot at living and working in the communities they call home as their neighbors. But the only way that will happen is if state lawmakers honor their commitment to fund the programs that support them and pay a living wage to the people who provide those services, advocates said as they rallied on the Capitol steps on Tuesday.

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Marian Keegan Supports White House Initiative to Bring High Speed Internet at Affordable Costs to Wayne and Pike Counties

White House Briefing

High-speed internet is not a luxury any longer. It's a necessity. Through a White House initiative, Internet providers have committed to participating in the Affordable Connectivity Program and capping the cost of high-speed internet for lower-income individuals and families. Americans can visit to determine their eligibility and sign up for the program.

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Pike County Commissioners: Show us map of Delaware Water Gap national park proposal

May 9, 2022
Peter Becker: Tri-County Independent

Short of making an official position, Pike County Commissioners April 23 said they want to see a map of how the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area (DWGNRA) might expand or how it would be broken up, if a proposal is passed to make part of it a full-fledged National Park, and the rest a Preserve.

There are concerns that need discussed. One example is what limitations to activities within the park. The biggest industry in the area is tourism; part of that tourism is driven by hunting, fishing and outdoor activities.

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Marian Keegan is one of 14 Emerge Candidates for PA General Assembly

Election Day is November 8th. There's never been a better time to vote for an Emerge PA alumna. Marian is proud to be among them.

14 Emerge Candidates for PA General Assembly

4th: Chelsea Oliver
49th: Janet Temin
61st: Liz Hanbidge
96th: Dana Hamp Gulick
102nd: Laura Quick
104th: Keontay Hodge
139th: Marian Keegan
143rd: Gwendolyn Stoltz
152nd: Nancy Guenst
157th: Melissa Shusterman
160th: Catherine Spahr
165th: Jennifer O’Mara
167th: Kristine Howard
176th: Hope Christman

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Wayne County tax reassessment draws questions from concerned residents

April 8, 2022
David Mazzenga

The preliminary assessment values recently mailed out to property owners in Wayne County are drawing concern from the public. Several citizens appeared at Thursday's Board of Commissioners meeting to question the process—which led to an overall 50% increase in county property values.

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Attention all small businesses in District 139 impacted by COVID-19: Apply for $4 million in Community Development Block Grant

NEPA Alliance through the Partnerships for Regional Economic Performance (PREP) serving Carbon, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Monroe, Pike, Schuylkill, and Wayne counties, will be providing grants of up to $50,000 for small businesses and up to $15,000 for micro-enterprises (small businesses that employ few people) located in one of those 7 counties that have been severely impacted due to COVID-19.

On this page is also a link to download a step-by-step program preparation checklist.

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Shapiro: Speaking truth to protect our vote

Josh Shapiro

“I will work with anyone in good faith to ensure election security, defend our democracy, and improve our elections — but I will have no patience for anyone acting in bad faith or seeking to undermine Pennsylvanians’ rights.”

When valid electors are denied their right to nominate the candidate of their choice to be on the ballot, democracy suffers.

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Stop the hate; heal the divide

March 23, 2022
Marian Keegan

The recent act of hateful vandalism threatens a thriving business, property, and people’s safety. A woman owns the vandalized property. I am a woman and have felt the fear from threats to my safety and the toll it takes. Everyone is threatened by violence. Small businesses in town that are struggling to survive crises should be supported and celebrated, not threatened by violence. Hospitality/tourism/recreation is the top economic sector in Pike County. Small businesses that support this economy cannot thrive should visitors go elsewhere.

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Go to ActiVote, enter your address, and see where candidates stand on issues. Download the ActiVote app on your smart phone and use the link

to set Marian Keegan as your preferred candidate for PA House District 139. Share your "lawn sign" with your neighbors to remind them the importance of voting in the primary and general election.

Want to become more involved? Volunteer at your poling place on Election Day

Learn more about efforts to redesignate Delaware Water Gap Rec Area at event

April 15, 2022
Tri-County Independent

Could the Delaware Water Gap become America's next National Park? If you're a subscriber to the Tri-County Independent, a more detailed account can be found HERE.

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Wayne County tax reassessment draws questions from concerned residents

The preliminary assessment values recently mailed out to property owners in Wayne County are drawing concern from the public. Several citizens appeared at Thursday's Board of Commissioners meeting to question the process—which led to an overall 50% increase in county property values.

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