Vote for Marian by Mail

No more waiting in long lines at the polls!
Note that the primary date has been changed to June 2.

You'll need your PA Driver's License or ID card when you apply for your ballot.
When you provide an email address, the PA Dept of State will send you status updates about your application and ballot.
When you apply, you can also choose to get your fall ballot in the mail.
Apply for your ballot no later than May 26.
We strongly suggest that you drop your voted ballot in the mail by the morning of Friday, May 29.
If you don't mail your ballot before then, you must to take your it to your County Elections Office in Milford or Honesdale.
Once you've mailed it in, you can't change your mind!

Click Here To Apply Online at ApplyMailBallot
Need to REGISTER? Click here first.
(Last day to register: May 18)

Military and overseas voters should visit the information for military and overseas voters web page for information on how they can obtain an absentee ballot.

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