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A hallmark of Marian Keegan’s work has been meeting people, all people, where they are and delivering practical solutions to complex environmental and social issues. Marian is a forester and a scientist who has demonstrated this in her professional practice and while serving her community and employers.

  • Marian’s interest in the life sciences earned Bachelor degrees in Biology and Science from Hiram College where her interest was sparked to find cures for such ailments as cancer and develop useful products for people, so she studied mRNA with a team of researchers at Case Western Reserve Medical School which led to products such as home pregnancy tests and vaccines. This experience will empower her to navigate state budgets to secure needed resources for the district such as healthcare facilities and lower costs of medicine.
  • Marian’s commitment to protect nature is rooted in healthy environments for people, so she earned a Master’s in Forestry from Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment and began a rewarding career as a forester.
    • She has collaborated with researchers to develop forest growth models. This experience informs her ability to analyze mathematical models and simulations and be correctly informed on the expected impacts.
    • She has mapped forest resources and walked with people across their forestland to advise them on forest practices and get the cost-share programs to implement best practices to grow forests. This will get constituent services relevant to agriculture, business, and conservation.

  • Marian’s experience administering timber sales and environmental contracts highlights her negotiation skills and agility in protecting environmental resources while getting the job done.
  • Marian’s work as a Watershed Forester demonstrates her commitment and ability for bringing people together to raise the stature of the district with a new National Park and a new Wild and Scenic River designation.

Marian’s service to the communities where she has lived are numerous.

  • She served on an Economic Development Commission to assist a community transition to diverse and sustainable agricultural crops.
  • She was appointed by a governor to serve on a Property (Home Rebate) Tax Study and also on a Clean and Green Tax Study for property tax relief.
  • She initiated and currently serves on the Pocono Source Water Collaborative (Pike, Wayne, Monroe Counties) to provide education and assistance to water systems and consumers.
  • Marian is a recipient of many awards such as the Forester of the Year Award from Allegheny Society of American Foresters, Outstanding Water System of the Year from Pennsylvania Rural Water Association, Environmental Lake Management Award from the Pennsylvania Lake Management Society, Lifetime Achievement in Conservation from PennFuture, Forester of the Year from the Allegheny Society of American Foresters, and Gold Star Community for Communications from the Communities Association Institute. Her network connections will help deliver constituent needs for all to get needed water and sewage infrastructure, broadband access, and school funding.
  • Marian owned a consulting business and has worked for corporations, non-profits, and government agencies, so she knows the challenges of running a business and can be a resource for the businesses in the district to position for growth and value.
  • She is a member of the Board of Directors of Grey Towers Heritage Association and works to preserve the legacy of Gifford and Cornelia Pinchot and family, offer public forums and events, connect with local communities, restore historical artifacts and architecture, and assist the US Forest Service in managing this National Historic Site, and will bring this executive experience to an engaged and vibrant legislative and constituent services office.

Marian believes that government should put people first, and that reasonable, sincere leaders who are measured, transparent and accountable are needed to deliver on promises. She knows our possibilities are vast and we all deserve a bright future. Marian will serve the people in the district with distinction, delivering her best for what’s best for everyone.

Marian has made a home in Pike County for almost 20 years. She was born and raised near Pittsburgh PA, attended St. Philomena’s Catholic School, and graduated from Fox Chapel High School.