Letter To The Editor from Marian Keegan

Marian Keegan is a Candidate for the Pennsylvania House District 139, which includes parts of Pike and Counties. Visit for a map of District 139.

Dear Editor,

Too many people are dissatisfied with our current state representatives. I am a forester and a scientist who will bring fact and evidence-based gathering and review to decision-making, not party politics. We feel the chaos that sprang from rash, political opposition to public health guidelines and directives during this COVID crisis. We are in peril, and now is the time to act as a community of people concerned about each other. For decades, I’ve protected our natural resources while providing “goods from the woods.” Now, we are challenged by multiple crises such as COVID and climate change. My experiences and moral compass are well-honed to listen to constituents then find common ground so our communities can grow, be resilient and thrive. My top legislative priority is to support the fracking ban in the Delaware River Basin. We live here and steward the most beautiful rivers, waterfalls, lakes and mountains in the country. Fracking would break up our landscapes and disrupt and pollute the natural beauty, clean air and pristine waters that form our livelihood and sense of place. Alarmingly, the GOP-led legislature has an abysmal record of protecting the environment such as HB 1822 that froze funding to our local Conservation Districts and SB 790 that would’ve allowed spraying toxic fracking waste onto our roads. Our drinking and recreational waters, waterfalls, and forests that we enjoy for inspiration, hiking and hunting are too precious to trust to those who are reckless with our lives and environment. I moved to northeast Pennsylvania 17 years ago, and would be honored to represent you in the Pennsylvania Legislature. 2020 has been a year for the history books. This year, we also celebrate 100 years of Woman’s Suffrage, and the area is the ancestral home of Gifford Pinchot who was the first Chief Forester for our country (Grey Towers in Milford, PA). Consider the historical and cultural significance of electing the first woman and forester to fill this seat! This is my first of four letters prior to Election Day and I look forward to discoursing about other issues that matter to people of the 139th.

Marian Keegan Rowland, PA

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